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This page lists published articles in reverse chronological order:

Published Articles:

  • Origin of Bengali Calendar and the celebration of ‘Noboborsho‘ – A Rahman
  • What is your life philosophy? – A Rahman
  • Geo-engineering: A futuristic approach to tackling global warming – Quamrul Haider
  • Frankenstein on the march – A Rahman
  • Toxins We Ingest: Lead – Quamrul Haider
  • Tagore and Bengali Identity – A Rahman
  • Arctic Freeze and Global Warming – Quamrul Haider
  • Chandrasekhar and Eddington – Quamrul Haider
  • Einstein’s incredible burst of creativity in 1905 – A Rahman
  • A better way to Hindu-Muslim amity – Bhaskar
  • Can Bangladesh remain secular? – A Rahman
  • Can global warming be reversed? – Quamrul Haider
  • Bangladesh’s economic potential in jeopardy – A Rahman
  • “Terraforming” Mars into a habitable planet – Quamrul Haider
  • 1971 and after: a participant-observer’s frayed recollection – Abrar Ahmad
  • What killed the Dinosaurs? – Quamrul Haider
  • Pioneering Contributions of Bengali Women – Sarwar Jamil
  • Was Alchemists’ dream realised in plutonium? – Quamrul Haider
  • How ‘Democracy’ had been massacred in the EU referendum – A Rahman
  • Is human race heading towards extinction? – Quamrul Haider
  • Tagore’s philosophical views and quantum mechanics – A Rahman
  • How noble are the Nobel Peace Prize winners? – Quamrul Haider
  • Gravitational Waves – A Rahman
  • Noise Pollution – Plague of the Modern Society – Quamrul Haider
  • The lessons from Great Depression and Great Recession – A Rahman
  • Is there sex discrimination in choosing Nobel Laureates in Sciences? – Quamrul Haider
  • How the Golden Age of Islam dried up – Bhaskar
  • The letter that triggered Quantum revolution – Quamrul Haider
  • Is Donald Trump making America a pariah state? – apaxmanuk
  • Is Orwellian dystopia coming true? – apaxmanuk
  • The ISI’s perilous chess game with the Bengalis: Is it almost over? – Jamal Hasan
  • Jinnah’s Pakistan …. seventy years on –  apaxmanuk 



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